College. High School. Middle School.

FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS: I help students with writing, reading, and research skills. My approach focuses on teaching students how to use their own strengths to reach their academic goals. I am available during the day to tutor in my home in south Boulder or at a public location. The cost is  $75/hour. Please notify me 24 hours in advance for a cancellation. Visit the Connect page to set up a meeting.

FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS: I help students with writing, reading, analysis, and synthesis skills. I have over fifteen years experience working with high school students of varying levels, helping them to understand and appreciate the texts they read and write. I can provide lessons or help students with their current school work. I am available to tutor in my home in south Boulder, or I can meet students at a public location for an off period during the school day or on certain evenings. The cost is $70 for 50 minutes, which includes a 20 minute consultation with parents as well as weekly updates via email for parents.  See below for specific areas in which I focus. Please visit the Freelance page to set up a meeting. 

Test Taking: I prepare students for the ACT, the SAT, the AP Language and Composition Exam, and the AP Literature Exam. Individually constructed lessons will help students learn how to take multiple choice tests, how to comprehend and analyze difficult literary passages, and how to write a meaningful essay in a timed setting. 

Reading: I teach students how to engage with texts so they can uncover new understanding in character, plot, and theme while also paying attention to how a story is told.  Students will gain skills that will help them unravel a text and see a work for all its components. 

Writing: I teach basic and advanced skills to help students improve all aspects of their writing. Students work on organization, voice, sentence structure, pacing, conventions, and word choice. They respond to various prompts in order to practice creating and supporting a thesis statement; students are encouraged to try a variety of rhetorical strategies to advance their purpose and play with language. I also have many years of experience teaching the college essay, a unit that allows students to tell their own stories in an artful way while also building confidence and discovering more about themselves.

Spanish: After college, I lived and taught English in a small town in Ecuador, where I learned Spanish quickly and came to love the language.  When I returned to the United States, I taught Spanish levels 1, 2, and 3 at a boarding school in Michigan and then later at Monarch High School in Louisville, Colorado. I then went on to study Spanish literature at Front Range Community College in Colorado. Because Spanish is a language full of memories and meaning, I teach students how not just to read, write, and speak Spanish proficiently, but how to appreciate and enjoy it.

Note to all students: I provide specific commentary on essays so that you can improve your skills and develop your own voice. I do not write or rewrite essays for you. 


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